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Thursday, 2 November 2006
Now Playing: Mike Mcgee
Topic: Dominique


Mike Mcgee needs to add collision with $1000 deductible to his policy. He also needs to add a small cabin for $48000 to his policy too as an outbuilding. This is a C/Squire. I'll be happy to help with anything that you need.


Posted by vallymulford at 3:01 PM MST
Now Playing: Payment issues
Topic: Pam

Pam: Thanks for helping with these missing billing notices project. It appears from e-mails received today, that the problem keeps getting a little bigger and bigger.

When you're satisified that we've followed HO requests, and contacted all customers, please let me know for deleting this job.


Posted by vallymulford at 2:23 PM MST
Now Playing: Raylene Cadman
Topic: Dana

Dana: There still seems to be a problem with the downpayment for Raylene Cadman. Can you please follow-up on that? As I recall, that was a credit card payment. You might need to back-track to see if that payment ever went through. Maybe check your notes for the policy.

I forwarded you an e-mail from H/office accounting. Please keep me posted. thanks, VM 


Posted by vallymulford at 1:48 PM MST
Now Playing: Darlene Coffey
Topic: Dominique

Dominique:  Darlene came in and added a truck to her policy. He will actually be driving the truck and will keep it at his home in Grand Junction.

I believe it might be cheaper for her to have this on his (her son's)  own policy, and I suspect if it truly is cheaper that way, she'll go for it. I did a quote in Fast Pass. The quote is under the name of Ross Geary. Could you please update the quote with the VIN of the new truck? See if it changes it much. $2200 per year for a new truck seems like a lot of premium! I think we can save her money with a new policy.

He (or she) should be calling in with his d/l number. Could you please follow-up on that and see what works best? Let me know if you have any questions. thanks,VM

Posted by vallymulford at 1:43 PM MST
Now Playing: Culver
Topic: Dana
Dana: You are working to switch a customer from W/ag over to Farm Bureau. Will you please keep me posted on that? Thanks,VM

Posted by vallymulford at 12:10 PM MST
Now Playing: Lavonne Foxx
Topic: Dominique

Dominique: Lavonne Foxx has re-married. (HO703874). Her new husband is Paul Ray Glanville DOB: 6/11/42. She would like to have him added to the policy.

We need to get Michael taken off. He has a life insurance policy, and we can probably get his address from that. Please mail him something to remove him from the policy.

She will also be faxing over a list of items to be scheduled on their policy. These should be put under SPP (Scheduled Personal Property).There is a quote already in Fast Pass that Pam started. When the fax comes in, will you please compare the quote with the totals, and then give Lavonne a call with the premium total?

Let me know if you have any questions.


 UPDATE: Lavonne faxed over her list of stuff late yesterday. Can you please go ahead and get the totals together, and let her know what the cost would be to add those items? (There should already be a quote started for that in Fast Pass. You may have to renew the quote).

They are leaving tomorrow for their honeymoon, and wanted to have the stuff on their policy before they go, so it would be important to contact her today. Thanks,VM

Posted by vallymulford at 12:05 PM MST
Updated: Friday, 3 November 2006 11:10 AM MST
Wednesday, 1 November 2006
Now Playing: Terry Mahannah
Topic: Pam

Hi pam:

Terry is purchasing a new home as a rental. It will need to be placed on her commercial policy, CL503154.

The address is 163 West 4th Nucla, CO 81424. It is a frame house with metal roof. Yr of Const. is 1990 coverage amount is $100,000 SQF is 1100.

Please submit a change adding this home. Please add the dwelling to the property section, and please also add this location to the liability section. The liability code that you need is 63010.

Please also add three outbuildings to the property section at this same location:

1) carport: $8000

2) Storage bldg: $4000

3) Guest Room: $10,000

I just took an educated guess on the premium and quoted her $280. We really won't have the exact answer until the change is processed (and who knows how long that will take).

Her mortgage CO. is CTX Mortgage Attn: Marilyn Woods. Tel: 256-1904 and fax: 256-0087. I called her. She is going to fax over an evidence of insurance request.

If you could follow-up on this, it would be a great help.



I can help with estimators and photos. Thanks for the help. VM

Posted by vallymulford at 2:37 PM MST
Updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2006 2:55 PM MST
Now Playing: Jane Gros
Topic: Dominique

Dominique: I wil forward you an e-mail from jane Gros. Can you please make the change that she is requesting, and please e-mail her a VIN card. Please confirm when finished. Thanks! VM

Update: Dominique: I will forward you an e-mail from Jane. She wants to make some additional changes. Please review her e-mail. Please discuss with me if you have any questions, and then pls go ahead and respond to her e-mail. Let me know any questions. Thks VM

Posted by vallymulford at 1:37 PM MST
Updated: Friday, 3 November 2006 11:35 AM MST
Now Playing: West Slope Ag
Topic: Pam

Pam: I had an annual review with West Slope Ag today. No changes were noted. Home office is requesting a current list of drivers. They said that they will provide that.

Could you just send them out a letter acknowledging the review, and (if we haven't received already) ask them to send an updated list of drivers. Please thank them profusely for their business. They are very good customers.



Update: 11/02 Pam They faxed over the driver's list. I will put it on  your desk. Unfortunately, they forgot to put Leslie and Eldon's info on the list. However, their info should already either be in our file, or in the file at home office. I guess you could look through the policy to see (old acord forms) if the driver info for Leslie and Eldon is there. If so, just add it to the list. If not, just ask Gail to look for it @home office. Any questions, just let me know. Thanks! 


Posted by vallymulford at 12:30 PM MST
Updated: Thursday, 2 November 2006 12:04 PM MST
Tuesday, 31 October 2006
Now Playing: Dan Lester
Topic: Dominique
I'll bring you a late payment. Thanks,VM

Posted by vallymulford at 4:19 PM MST
Now Playing: Jose Gomez
Topic: Pam

Pam: I will put Jose's HO file back on your desk. His signed application is in the file along with copies of the quote from Lezette. Could you please go ahead and and get the policy started. We have to bill the mortgage Co. (Chase) and their address, loan #, etc are in Jose's old FB HO policy. (A copy of the OPSS printout should be in the file too).

I don't know if we can submit without payment since it is coming from the mortgage co or not. if not, we may have to bill the mortgage co, and then wait until payment is received before sending the application off.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, VM

Posted by vallymulford at 3:55 PM MST
Now Playing: Joey Burns
Topic: Dominique

Dominique: I think I got burned by Joey. I will bring you a fax. He was going to cancel ONE vehicle from his policy so that he could add a motor home to another State Farm policy. It looks like from the fax that he wants the entire policy cancelled. I am afraid that is the case, but if you could please give them a call back to confirm, I would appreciate it.

If that is what they want, go ahead and use their fax signature as a cancellation form, and cancel the policy. Thank U. VM

Posted by vallymulford at 3:49 PM MST
Now Playing: Leanna Clevenger
Topic: Pam

It seems like Leanna Clevenger's brokerage policy for their business has cancelled. Could you please check with Lezette @Brokers's assistance and find out. If it is, what do they need to do to reinstate?

Thanks, VM

Posted by vallymulford at 1:41 PM MST
Now Playing: Jim and Kris Cazer
Topic: Pam


I did an annual review last night at the Cazer's. Could you please help me with the follow-up? I will bring my notes in for you.


Posted by vallymulford at 8:06 AM MST
Monday, 30 October 2006
Now Playing: Taylor Ray
Topic: Pam
Pam: Please ask me about Taylor Ray. thanks,VM

Posted by vallymulford at 5:47 PM MST
Now Playing: joey wheeler
Topic: Pam

Pam: Joey Wheeler's policy AU425745 is kind of messed up. It looks like there is an old change that hasn't been done yet. (check OPSS notes) and her son, John is still listed as a driver. In fact, they have him as the reated driver. We tried to get him his own Progressive policy earlier this year, but he never would return phone calls, and we finally just left it as it is.

Can you please call John @970-275-6705 and see about getting him a quote on his own insurance. I have left him a message already. But my experience is that he doesn't return calls well. If we haven't heard from him in a few days, I suggest that we simply take him off from the policy, and send him a notice.

Could you please be kind enough to call Joey and let her know where things are at? A call to her is kind of urgent as she is waiting to pay her bill. If you haven't heard from John, my suggestion is that you tell Joey that we are going to drop John from the policy, and then we can send him a letter to that effect to cover ourselves.

When you do the change to remove John, I suggest that we re-arrange the drivers to put either Joey or William as driver on the CHevy Blazer. Let me know any questions. Thanks,VM

Posted by vallymulford at 1:31 PM MST
Now Playing: Sarah Mercer
Topic: Dominique

Sarah's HO policy is kind of complicated. I think that it is because of PC10...a change from home office. I will come and explain to you and maybe we can see what we can do.

Thanks, VM

Posted by vallymulford at 1:07 PM MST
Now Playing: Leslie Smith
Topic: Dominique

10/30: Leslie Smith AU430641 just bought a new car. I downloaded the policy, and added the vehicle into FastPass. However, I did not submit the change, because we need to add the lienholder, Capital One Finance. Can you please call them @800-689-1789? Please get their address and then add them as lienholder.

Please finish the change, and then go ahead and submit it. Please make notes in OPSS, and please also e-mail a VIN card to Leslie at this e-mail address: please also add their email address to their info in Contacts. Kindly confirm when finished.

Thanks! VM

IMPORTANT: When you work on this, and before you submit the change, we need to do a renters policy too. I will show you a neat trick for that.  


Posted by vallymulford at 12:35 PM MST
Updated: Monday, 30 October 2006 1:40 PM MST
Friday, 27 October 2006
Now Playing: peter estep
Topic: Pam


Apparently, Peter Estep's membership has expired, and they need new membership for the new policy that you recently arranged for them. I don't know if we collected $40 or not, but we might have to.

Linda in the commercial dept is urgently looking for a membership certificate. I will forward you the e-mail. Could you please take care of that for me? I think they need it before the end of the month.

 Thanks, VM


10/30 - update: Pam, I created the membership certificate and faxed it off. We just need to review for membership dues. Just see me when you get a second. Thanks, VM

Posted by vallymulford at 2:10 PM MDT
Updated: Monday, 30 October 2006 12:33 PM MST
Now Playing: quality watch
Topic: Dana
Dana: Could you please be sure to follow-up on the billing issue (taking the 02 Ford Explorer) off from the policy. I don't know exactly how to do a quality watch. Thanks!VM

Posted by vallymulford at 1:22 PM MDT
Updated: Friday, 27 October 2006 2:19 PM MDT

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