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Tales From The Mud Hole Why Pigs Are My Friends

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You've been moved by the loyalty of a dog. You've been awed by the majesty of a horse, but when was the last time you were inspired by a pig?

Hello! My name is Vally Mulford. This site will introduce you to my new book, Tales From The Mud Hole, Why Pigs Are My Friends. The book was recently published by It is a warm, inspirational, humorous, and unconventional look at how I learned some things about my life from (of all the creatures in the world)...Pigs!

I thought I knew all about pigs from having grown up on a farm, but years later,when I suddenly find myself as manager of a large, commercial hog farm, I discover more about pigs, and about myself than I ever thought possible.

While the book introduces readers to some interesting characters from the world of pigs, it is ultimately a book about facing challenges in life, and about being true to yourself.
Pet lovers, animal lovers, and any one who loves life will enjoy this book. Open this book and meet Nerd, Turnip, Bonzo-King of the Boars, and many more interesting and fun characters from this warm and funny book. You'll discover (as I did) that a mud bath can be a beautiful thing.
What kinds of things can  you learn from a pig??


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Hurry and jump in! The mud is just right!

Thank you,

Vally Mulford
Tales From The Mud Hole, Why Pigs Are My Friends



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